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Shipping Jobs

Shipping jobs

Shipping jobs

Very often people accept Shipping jobs without taking the time to analyse the advantages and the inconveniences when we must change Shipping jobs. This situation sometimes cost us money, adaptation time and stress due to your unsatisaction.

Prodrivers PDJ  is offering you the possibility to find one of many Shipping jobs that really suits your needs. According to your employment criteria and the employer employment criteria and the employer requirements, the profiles interchange will be rapidly send to you by e-mail or phone. .

The truck drivers and owner operator, subscribe on line (this is totally free of charge). Then we will contact you to give you your member's code and password. Now you can inscribe your profile so the transport companies can contact you directly.

According to the truck driver or owner operator inscription this will give you an unlimited access to our Canadian and American carriers data bank.

Our members benefit from this great tool. The recruiting is fast, efficient, accessibility 24/24 hours, 7/7 days and answers totally the transport industry's needs.

To find a good and secure job or to find a trust worthy employee that will answer your employment criteria subscribe on line and you will save time and money in jour search of employees.

Prodrivers PDJ

PRODRIVERS PDJ is the only transport industry employment site entirely Canadian.

• A site for job research or recruitment: this is for any person looking for a truck driver job, or companies who want to recruit them.
• A direct connection between truck drivers, owner-operators, transport companies and manufacturers.
• A direct connection between truck drivers, owner-operators, transport companies and manufacturers.
• According to your research criteria or employment requirements the matching profiles are send instantly to both parties.

What can PRODRIVERS PDJ do for you?
• Save time in your search of truck drivers candidates.
• Save money on publicity.
• Give you access from your office, home, truck, truck-stop, to the offers on our site 24/24 hours, 7/7 days.







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