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The logistics and transportation services is the expansion of the global marketplace puts the concept of global logistics into the limelight. Logistics experts must now manage all of the aforementioned logistics activities within a world-wide arena spanning a multitude of countries, languages, cultures, governments, and regulations. Along with this expansion of the marketplace comes the need for global channel intermediaries.

The logistics terms and services:

  • Foreign freight forwarders handlers of a myriad of foreign freight services: rate quotes, vessel chartering, booking of vessel space, handling of documentation and cargo insurance, tracing and expediting, arranging inland transportation and providing translation logistics services.
  • Export management companies suppliers of expertise to those wishing to sell products overseas but lacking the necessary logistics resources.
  • Export trading companies locaters of overseas buyers. They also handle export documentation, transportation and the meeting of foreign government requirements.
  • Customs house brokers overseers of the movement of goods through customs. They also ensure that accompanying documents are complete and accurate.
  • Ship brokers sales representatives for ship owners and purchasing representatives for the shipper.
  • Ship agents local representative of the ship operator that handles the ship's arrival, berthing, clearance, loading and unloading.
  • Export packers suppliers of export packaging services.
  • Port authorities owner and operator of the port. They provide wharf, dock, and other terminal facilities at port locations.
  • It's a logistics jobs; dockman, manager, billing, dispatcher, driver, salesman and more. 

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Transportation services

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